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How to use Google Adword to market your products and services:

Every now and then we need something that we don’t know where to find. We head over to Google, type in our keyword “Car insurance” and just like that, hundreds of search results pop up.

Looking at the results you will notice that the top 3, and also the right hand column has a little yellow ribbon with the word “AD” displayed. These are displayed to you via Google Adwords.

“I want my business to display there”

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How do this exactly work?

Adwords work on a “Pay per Click” principal. Meaning you only pay if someone needs your service and visits your website by clicking on the ad. The cost depends on the how competitive the word or phrase is, also known as the Keyword. These keywords and other criteria are setup in your account in order to narrow down your target market and increase rewards, they include; keywords, location, age and gender and restrictions.


A list of words that is associated with your market, this could be single words, or a short phrase e.g bookkeeper, bookkeeper Pretoria, financial advise etc.


This is mostly helpful for the businesses that offers services that require them to visit the client. You can choose from, countries, cities and even suburbs to make sure only your target market is reached.

Age and gender:

Google is a smart guy, calculating your age and gender from previous searches or collecting data if you are signed in with your Gmail account.

Restrictions or negative keywords:

The idea of Adwords is to get the clicks to your website that matter, and dismiss those that are just wasting your time. A good example would be someone installing swimming pools but only focuses on concrete pools and not fibreglass. By adding “fibreglass pools” to the negative list, the ad will not be displayed for these searches, avoiding unnecessary charges.

What is the monthly cost?

As we all know, marketing is expensive and sometimes time consuming. Fortunately with Adwords these rules does not apply. The amount that you are willing to spend, is the amount of advertising that you will get. We usually recommend a budget of around R1000 per month. This will leave you with R33 per day or R45 if you are not displaying ads over the weekend. For larger businesses with more likely searches, the monthly amount would be increased to display ads the entire month.

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